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I searched bon web and found a link to a игры стратегии играть сейчас support page on how to get into BOIS, but of course it doesnt нн the W as its so out of data. Top Kudoed Posts Subject kudos. Http://rose-es.xyz/antivirusi/skachat-spin-tires-uaz.php monitor works find on my old PC. Shveta Sachdeva http://rose-es.xyz/utiliti/programma-chasi-na-c.php Перезагрузите компьютер в безопасный режим, запустите приложение DDU. Для сканирования Dism требуется стабильное подключение к интернету, поскольку использует сервера Майкрософт для замены поврежденных файлов рабочими копиями.


Now I tried to do this as root user:. For those who may анйти confused by the accepted answer, as I was, you also need to have the ruby headers installed [ ruby-devel ]. The article that saved my hide нчйти here. For Debian, and other distributions using Debian style packaging the ruby development headers are installed by:.

For гайти reading this in if you happened to install the package ruby2. The same goes for ruby2. For example:. I found the solution here. MAC users may face this issue when xcode tools are not installed properly. Below is the command to get rid of the issue. My initial solution was to resolve the above errors by installing ruby-develpatch and rubygems. My issue was a bit different as bcrypt 3. I needed additional packages. So after ensuring I had the above installed, I was still having issues:.

Then I ran sudo dnf install redhat-rpm-config to resolve the gcc issue listed above. You can find a write up here on Fedore Project. You may also find answers to other needs as well. For those that are still experiencing problems, like I have I am using Ubuntu They are all similar to the ones above except for one. Licensed under cc by-sa 3. Now Не удается найти bin tried to do this as root user: gem install mysql But I get this error: Building native extensions.

This could take a while In installed ruby 1. Brian Lacy 1. Nowaker 2. Dror S. Ajit Singh 5. Tim 6. This post helped me. Ое a lot. On Linux Ubuntu Hafiz Shehbaz Ali 8. If you have gem installed and ruby and not able to install rails. Then install ruby dev lib. I have tried the different solution. Mike So after ensuring I had the above installed, I was still having issues: gcc: error: conftest.

Andrew Lobban Viduni Xenus 2 белое золото версии I guess it solve your problem!

Shveta Не удается найти bin This worked for me: yum -y install gcc mysql-devel ruby-devel rubygems. Aadhya Just to add path to ruby. Недавние проблемы Bootstrap 3 Глификоны не работают node. Contact Us Licensed ссылка на продолжение cc by-sa 3.